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  1. ERAN

    语言包 [XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak节点图标调整中文语言包

    翻译了[XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak 3.0.7 插件, 翻译结果来自百度翻译 如有错误请在评论区指出 感谢下载
  2. 小关

    插件 [XFA] Roster 俱乐部管理系统 2.0.9

    Description Roster adds a complete club management system to your forum with the capability to create rosters associated to different games in each club. This xF add-on is usable standalone but can also be used in combination with our Tournament addon (coming soon for XF2)to host team...
  3. 小关

    插件 [XFA] Frequently Asked Questions 常见问题 1.10

    Requirements XenForo > 2.0 Description Do you have recurring questions from your users? The FAQ system is for you. It allows you to create categories, frequently asked questions and answers to these questions. Features Fully style configurable Add public categories and private categories...
  4. 小关

    插件 [XFA] Nodes Icon Tweak节点图标调整 3.0.7

    可用四种类型的图标替换: Font Awesome 从服务器加载的图标 精灵图片网址 最新发帖会员头像 当样式属性“显示子论坛弹出”被禁用时,图标被支持在论坛索引的第一级分类以及第n级分类上。 特征 在后台控制面板中按节点选择图标 图标显示在后台控制面板节点列表页面上 可选,可以通过选项禁用 可以通过选项设置后台控制面板节点列表的图标大小 支持1级,2级和n级图标显示 Font Awesome点图标功能: 能够设置节点图标大小 能够设置节点图标颜色 实时图标预览 可通过具有搜索功能的弹出窗口选择“Font Awesome”图标 支持上下层的Font Awesome堆叠...
  5. 死了算了

    插件 [XFA] CORE 1.12.0

    Features New form row/element macros: FA picker Date and time input Duration input Enhanced color picker with JS callback support upon color selection Extension of node entity/repository in order to always retrieve LastPoster information as entity along node PayPal Adaptive payment solution with...